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  1. Default Just curious... would you use it?

    If Nexon created a scroll like this:

    Name: Clean Slate Scroll 50%
    Description: Recovers one upgrade slot at a 50% rate. However, if the scroll fails, the item will be destroyed at a 100% rate.

  2. Default

    I wouldn't use it personally, but I know there's plenty of godly people who are itching for one more slot bk.

  3. Default

    I'd use it on something that wasn't good enough for me to use otherwise, but couldn't be sold or profited from as is.

  4. Harrisonized


    I think it really depends on the situation. People will tend to use these when they don't really care about the item, but will tend not to use it when the risk is higher. Larger gambles tend to be taken more seriously.

  5. Default

    People use the other clean slates, which aren't as good. Why not?

    20% pass 48% do nothing 32% break
    5% pass 85.5% do nothing 9.5% break

    This scroll would be less indecisive and has an equal chance of passing and breaking rather than a higher chance of breaking than passing.

  6. Default

    I think that scroll would be used quite a bit. There is always that item that is "almost worth something." Not to mention that 50% is a pretty good success rate.

  7. Default

    I definitely would. If someone is gutsy enough to use 30% on something, 50% is pretty good odds. :P

    Besides, 6 30%'s, the 7th fails but it doesn't blow up. Might as well. :>
    That's my curiously disfigured logic and I'm sticking with it.

  8. Default

    since i dont vend enough stuff or have the capital to be in the kind of situation where i would want to consider the implications of having another slot on a pretty good item, i would not use this.

    however, if i were ever in that situation, it looks to be a better option than any of the current choices because of the success : break ratio.

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    Depends on how much it costs, ha ha.

  10. Default

    I would use it because why waste that last slot that something failed on? That last slot could be the difference between selling that item for 100mil or 500mil. It is worth it.

  11. Default

    I don't have any use for it in mind, but in general, I'd definetely be open to the idea of using it.

  12. Default

    On the other hand, getting to the same situation with a different copy of the base equipment could cost you well over 400 mil. Just meditate on that for a while.

    This 50% clean slate has the best success/destruction ratio though =P I'm hesitant on using it for items where I would actually waste it on.

  13. Default

    That's way overpowered. It has less chance of breaking than if you were to use 1/3/5/20% clean slate until you got the slot and would supposedly cost a lot less too.

  14. Default

    definitely. i have a 13 att BWG i'm itching to finis only... i failed one slot. i would 100% it to get it 14 att which is worth so much more strangely

  15. フレイムチョコボ Straight Male
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    I would probably stay away from this item, because it instantly destroy your item if the scroll fails.



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