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  1. Default How do calculations for (Advanced) Homing work?

    I'm in the middle of creating a Gunslinger calculator and I'd really like to know how the damage for it works. Oh, and once I finish this calculator I'll be sure to release it here. :)

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    Base Damage * (1 + AdvancedHomingLVL/100)

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    Thanks. In return, here's what the beginnings of the calculator looks like:

    Credit to Ah Jeff from Playpark Forums for the layout.

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    Quite preoccupied with misc. projects of late eh fiel?

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    Got more time on my hands than usual. Might as well. It helps to keep me busy. I've been wanting to do this stuff for quite some time. *sighs*

  6. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    Gonna plug in this formula because I wonder how Advanced Homing adds damage.

    If damage = 5,000 and defense = 1,000

    ((5,000 x 1.2) -1,000) x 3.8 (Level 30 Cannon) = 19,000
    ((5,000-1,000) x 1.2) x 3.8 (Level 30 Cannon) = 18,240

    Which one is the correct way to calculate the 20% bonus damage?

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    By base damage, it's better to use the skill % damage not your actual damage, but i guess both ways work, so whatever.

    Def is applied before everything else iirc, so the second way.

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    That one. I had a Corsair friend test this with me earlier. It's a 1.2 multiplier after defense; it works the same way as Berserk (so it multiplies crits by 1.2 as well). It does not add 20% to each hit (like crit).

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    So cool. Can't wait till this is released.

    @Dusk I don't think the color schemes are that bad.

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    Why a spreadsheet?

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    String fix patch?
    Kidding, Fiel, do what you like.

    As Kaida said, advanced Homing is an after-multiplier since it's applied to the monster. Meaning theoretically, it might be possible to hit 1.2x the standard damage cap, or currently 239998. No one's going to have a high enough range to hit that much even with Air Strike, though, let alone Cannon.

    Not true in general, though. Elemental advantage, Combo, Amp, and others are before-multipliers and applied to all character damage.

    Edit: Well no, elements don't abide by that rule. I'm not sure what's up with that.
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    Because I'm not too proficient with any GUI maker - Swing, tk, whatever. A spreadsheet already has all the nuts and bolts - I just gotta put in the formulas and voila.

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    I hate ugly spreadsheets. I also hate designing GUIs though...



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