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Thread: Define Average

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Define Average

    This is purely hypothetical. Don't question the scenarios. They're broad so that they can be open to interpretation.

    Two scenarios:
    1) Let's say that the highest possible amount of money anyone can have is 2.1b. How much money should the average person have?
    2) Let's say that the highest grade possible is 100%. What % should the average person have?

    Finally, with the above poll, how would you rate yourself based on these self-defined averages?

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    Depends on what are considering 100% for... Test marks for example, with less than 60% would be below avg...

  3. Default

    Above/below respectively, what do I vote?

    If we're talking average as in mean, it's entirely possible that more people are 'below average' than 'above average'.

    I don't get what this is for, but okay...

  4. Harrisonized


    That's up to you.
    It's about perception. Where would you allocate yourself in relation to other people? Do you think you're above or below 'average'?

  5. Default

    My post was kind of gay. Edited it out.
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  6. Default

    Truth be told, if you presented thousands of people with this question, you're going to see a ton of people vote themselves as above average, and some less just as average. It's a bias formed by the impression of yourself.

  7. Default

    I rate myself consistently above average on achievements in MS and grades. I'd expect just about every SP member is above average in terms of achievements in MS. The average is usually far below people's standards.

    I'd say the average MS player gets to level 40, spends $20 on NX throughout their stay, only has a vague knowledge about the biggest fansites/forums, makes 0-5 posts on Basil, and accumulates 10m of today's mesos in assets (not counting the NX money).

    Average grades are usually Cs, which are usually 71-80.

  8. Default

    I think that's the idea. Seeing how people vote

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    I don't know if this belongs here, but IMO, you're wrong. The goal you want achieve in life is different for everyone, and that implies being ''average'' or not. It's not that everyone wants to be above average. Some people just get by in life enjoying it without the need for excelling in every area. I, for instance, was an average guy at school, but not anymore at college. I didn't give a shyt about getting 100% in every test nor cared about failing an exam. However, now I'm studying what I like and getting good grades. Does my past as an average guy make me a society fail?

    Sometimes the self-pressure leads you towards believing you ARE in fact average, while being it is substantially different. Most people that have stable lives ARE average. They earn a monthly salary, like the average person does, they have a steady job, like the average person does, they have a FAMILY, like the average person does, and so on. The FEW people above average are those ones that actually do something original, innovative, helpful for the entire society. Those are called geniuses.

    It's a reality from which we can't escape, because we refuse to see that ALMOST EVERYONE you walk past the street is an average person.

    EDIT: Sorry for my LOLGrammar and my LOL variety of english words.
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  10. Harrisonized


    That's precisely the point.

    Just testing if it's true.

  11. Default

    Err for my previous post, that would be vice versa, if anyone cares. Lol.

    I guess above and below average out to average...

  12. Default

    It's funny that I don't think a person exists that would fulfill the usual depiction of an "average" person, but I voted my perception of myself as "average".

    If you take average to mean the mean...the mean is not realistic because it is simply a calculated value based on a sum. For example if 3 people scored 79, 31, and 100 on a test, the average is 70, but it's a mark that no one actually achieved. So why should that be the average mark when no one obtained it. So for your questions, I think it might be more practical to use the mode or the median as a slightly better indicator of what the "average" person should have.

    The depiction of an "average" person who is unremarkable in all aspects of their life is not realistic either. I'd rather take it as a balance of all your assets, weaknesses, etc, and then we'd pretty much all be "average" since while we may lack in one area, we will shine in others. So it all evens out really, or I'd like to think so. So I'm an average person. =]

    Reading back...I didn't really vote based on your criteria. But if we were to judge by current financial status and marks, and you take the entire rest of the world into consideration, I know I am very fortunate to be able to sit above what most (i.e. average) people in the world enjoy.

  13. Default

    I agree completely with what you're saying.

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    I didn't see that coming.

  15. Default

    Too many scenarios. Too bored to explain my dismal experience working in a volunteer soup kitchen for a couple of years and seeing the same bums come back in, despite our personal efforts to make sure that they could get a job in the world. Too tired to recall all the cardiologists complaining about having to see the same fat people again because they can't stop going to McDonald's or KFC. Your scenarios are equally justified. It's just all relative to what degree of crap we have to deal with in a given day. I agree completely with your examples. It's not black and white. Everything is vague like this thread.

    And I really just don't care anymore. Who cares if you're average or I'm average. Who cares if I'm a lawyer or you're a doctor. Or if I work in McDonald's or if I'm sexy. I just like to post to see my cute little dude which is elipses speech bubble and the people in my signature. I think this sums up my whole forum experience. And now I'm going to go to bed... after I finish closing up some of my other posts.
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    You, sir/ma'am, do really have things straight. I've gone through some shyt when volunteering too. Nice to find clear-minded people around. [/threadforme]

  17. Default

    Bye Harrisonized. This thread is actually going to make me quit. I tried like six times to leave forums. But this made me realize how absolutely empty my life had become. Seriously thank you.

  18. DUCKS
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    For which situation?

  19. Default

    If people self select what basis they're considered by, of course most will choose above average. Almost everyone has at least some area they're good at.

    If you gave a specific subject (eg. languages, sciences, or maths) then you might get a better balance. But people tend to do what they're good at, and that means they'd consider themself above average in general.

    @ the specific questions... 3 million, and 70%. But I wouldn't consider the theoretical maximum amount of money to be applicable - that's like saying that the average person can carry about $1,000,000 in 20 dollar bills (due to weight/size limitations), so what's the average pocket money? There are other concerns than the max possible score. Money can easily be traded for things of value, grades can't. Would you trade 2% for a hotdog?
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  20. Neon Atom
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    Both combined.

    I voted above average because my grade is 90-100% :P



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