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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Elementally Charged Versalian Hats

    Three sets of Elementally Charged Versal Hats! For all classes.


    Lv 70 set, for All

    Lv 103 Set, for Warrior, Bowmen, and Pirate

    Lv 130 set, for Mages and Thief


    The way to obtain this is by trading your Versalmas Hat to Elpam Gorlab in NLC for one. You get to choose which one, but have to go to a long quest (much like the reobtaining saddle quest) for it... After the collection part of the quest, you must go through CWK PQ and find specific items from the bonus.

    After obtaining the hat, Elpam Gorlab will give you various quests that each award chaos typed 100% scrolls that you can use exclusively on these helmets.

    Only after fully scrolling your first helmet can you do another quest to get another helmet. The helmet choice will be only from your series of hats (for example, if you chose a Lv 70 hat, after you finish scrolling your first hat, you may only obtain another Lv 70 hat, you can't obtain a Lv 130 hat). This part of the quest is repeatable until you obtain all series. Even after obtaining all five in the series, you still cannot gain a hat from a different series.

    You can only regain a particular dropped hat once you obtain all five in the series.


    • The first set was designed for lukless mages. It gives 5% bonus to respective elements.

    • The second set was designed for Warriors, Bowmen, and Pirates. It gives a 10% boost when using the respective elements, in addition to a speed boost when using the respective elements. If using Neutral attacks, only the element type is changed and no bonus is awarded.

    • The last set was designed for luk mages, Thieves. It gives a 10% boost when using the respective elements, in addition to a speed boost when using the respective elements. If using Neutral attacks, only the element type is changed and no bonus is awarded.

    • Beginners can use all of the hats.

    • Elemental changes slow down the speed of your attack, and don't work when Criticals activate.
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  2. Default

    I might be missing something you wrote, but won't it totally destroy the Paladin class? If they don't have their elemental advantage, where is the sense in not just making a Hero or DrK?

  3. Harrisonized


    Because they get the 10% bonus only when they use elemental attacks. If you use a neutral attack, it merely changes the element type from neutral to whatever hat you're wearing.

  4. Default

    I'm just not convinced the 10% boost would be enough, considering Paladins are severely lacking power already.

  5. Harrisonized


    Well, see if I make the 10% boost 15%, or 20%, then bowmen will become significantly more powerful, because of their array of skills already.

    Hmm... I just thought of something.

  6. Harrisonized


    Done. Tell me what else is missing.

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    Wait so sin can freeze monsters? Or is it just an elemental boost?
    And if it doesnt work with Crit, then it's useless for Sins/Bowmans/Marksman/and those with SE!

  8. Default

    These hats have ridiculous stat requirements. What Pirate has 100 LUK?

  9. Default

    Changes would need to be made for sure.
    I would say only classes that have attributes should get these bonuses. Allowing every class to deal magical damage seems to kill things.

  10. Harrisonized


    It's just an elemental change. No effects are provided, and no damage bonuses come from the boost change (unless you're killing an element weak, which the 1.5x damage would then apply).
    That's kind of the point. They're ridiculously stronger than the other classes that making it not work with Crits would only give a slight boost to NL and BM in their single target, while it'd give other classes a larger boost in their single target. However, it'd give NL and BM a larger boost in their mobbing skills as compared to the boost given to Mages in their mobbing skills.
    No they don't. All you need is a HTP that's scrolled with an egg. If not, then use the Lv 70 set. The piont of setting such high requirements is to promote people to use a HTP, which is harder to obtain than those CWKPQ pends spreading all over, and to promote normal secondary stat builds instead of n-less builds.
    Really the hats only give a significant boost to warriors, shadowers, and luk mages because they can't crit. The other classes would crit so much this only provides a minor boost for them.
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  11. Harrisonized


    From their HTPs.

  12. Default

    and what if they dont ahve the pendents? o.o
    r they forced to get one?

  13. Harrisonized


    If they want to use the hat, yes.

    The reason I put those requirements in there is that people nowadays just buy a Naricain from the FM and that's the end of it. Poor Horntail is lonely.

  14. Default

    oooo that makes...sence...partially....atleast it gets fresh food every night *cough*hackers*cough*

  15. Default

    One of the main reasons Horntail isn't killed much is because, at least in Broa, it's been held by hackers for like the past....3 weeks?

  16. Harrisonized


    The other reason is that 12 weapon attack gives such a "large" boost that nobody but mages go for the HTPs. >_>

  17. Default

    mages and hackers.

  18. Harrisonized


    Don't talk about hacking in this thread. I don't want to hear it.



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