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  1. Default [1.2.209] Wolf and Sheep Event, Ereb Tutorial

    Ereb Tutorial was released in a prior patch but it was too small to be worth mentioning on its own, so I'm going to include it here.








    That's it. Not terribly exciting.

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    Nice, good job Isaac. Waiting for Elin expansion.

    Don't forget, there's a new BGM in my thread.

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    i dont really know what it is yet but it looks original :) good job

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    is the sheep and wolf thing a mu lung pq-esque thing?

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    No, it's more like CPQ. Wolf team vs. sheep team. Because it's a PQ type thing I don't really have much more information to go on besides what you see here.

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    Nice job Isaac =D

    Just one thing, are there suppose to be more images in "mob" then just the 2?
    this new pq looks ok, Seems to be a bit like ARpq


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    Didn't see a reason to post images of Mano/stumpy/etc. everyone knows what they look like.

    Also I feel the need to point out that this is an event, not a permanent PQ.

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    Maple medals eh? Cool pomegranate. Too bad it isn't permanent.

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    What's with the tendency to create event quests? Seems a lot less productive than actual content, considering that they could only be done within a certain time frame and that they won't spread to all the other versions.

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    Since last anniversary, this is all they've been doing. It was cool at first, now it's getting on my nerves. MAKE SOMETHING PERMANENT DAMN IT. There hasn't been a real new area since Time Temple. Mu Lung Dojo was a spinoff of the event, Ereb hunting ground is only accessible to Cygnus, and that Balrog boss is a laughable joke in its current state. Is that really all they have to show for the last 8 months? Hell, at this point I'd even take more area bosses.

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    I'm probably stretching things but...coincidence or hint? didnt say anything about the Shop Visitor/Black list or the new CS item that adds a Pendant slot to the UI...gogo equipping HT AND Narican pendants...oh but dont get too excited as it only lasts for 1 day.
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    The lamb is based on Birks in Leafre, that picture is just a birk and so probably coincidence.

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    huh what is this, can i have more info on this please ? and would it be possible to equip 2 naricains?

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    Yes, you can now buy a CS-item that allows you to equip another Pendant for 1 day.
    Its called, Pendant Slot Increase: 1 Day ()
    Equips UI w/ Pendant Slot Increase used

    Credits to Spadow

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    Seems pretty cool an event style CPQ. I hope there are no level limits. Too bad the anniversary stuff expires. But hopefully there will be something new that doesn't.

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    oh dear

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    Maybe it's so that EVERY time in a year there's an event area going on. Like a new area constantly changing.

    Could be interesting.



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