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  1. Default Familiar Potentials

    Here are all the potentials in the data. Please note that while they may be on this table, there could be something on Nexon's end which prevents you from obtaining the potential (so while these are all the potentials in the data, the pool of potentials you can actually roll may be smaller).

    For potentials which grant a familiar skill, I've added the in-game description for the familiar buff plus additional data in parenthesis to try to pin down exactly what effect you should receive, since the descriptions are somewhat unhelpful. With the familiar revamp, they did add additional familiar skills but these lack descriptions, so you'll only see the additional data from me. Since I edited these descriptions by hand, there may be mistakes, so feel free to ask for clarification if necessary.

    The "Base Options" category is for the "rank" under "Common", so the pool of options for secondary lines on Common familiars.

    Additionally, each potential option has a table of 20 levels, like regular (equipment) potentials, each level usually represents the 10 level range you would expect to find that potential in (for example the first line is for levels 0~10, the thirteenth line is for levels 121~130, and the last line for levels 191~200. I do not believe these actually have any effect, and is probably just an artifact from copying the system over from equip potentials, but they're here just for posterity, I believe familiars usually just give you the value in the first line of the table, so you can ignore the rest of the table.

    Edit: I re-sorted the list to make it more obvious that there are lines with duplicate strings.

    Base Options (19 Lines)

    Common Options (67 Lines)

    Rare Options (102 Lines)

    Epic Options (129 Lines)

    Unique Options (150 Lines)

    Legendary Options (46 Lines)

    Special Options (1 Lines)
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    Default Re: Familiar Potentials

    12% attack on unique and 9% on epic?

  3. Default With Regards to Familiar Buff Stacking

    I felt like it should be its own thread, so it's moved here.
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  4. Default Re: Familiar Potentials

    As I said, only the first line of every table matters, the other lines are probably only there because the structure of the data is copied from equipment potentials and I don't believe they do anything, but they are there in the data, so I thought they should be present here as well.

    % attack on epic should be 3% and either 5% or 6% on unique.

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    Default Re: Familiar Potentials

    how often does it rank up? just keep collecting the same cards until it turns legendary or gotta use those cube things? lol sorry I just got back a few weeks ago

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    Default Re: Familiar Potentials

    What does "weight" mean?

  7. Default Re: Familiar Potentials

    I honestly have no clue, but the strategywiki people seem to think it represents how likely it is for a potential to occur (at least with regards to equip potentials):

    So I decided to include it here as well. I don't think anyone's ever done any testing, but I remember there being some crowdsourced potential data gathering from Reboot, so checking the equip potential weights against that should be trivial.

    There's no telling if it's actually used for familiars though, I think it is of note that the values (at least the ones I checked) do seem to be inversely related to how desirable the lines are (for example, each of the boss damage lines at legendary have a weight of 2, while the cosmetic, like, color overlay effects have a weight of 10.

    I personally never really trusted it because I don't think Nexon would make it that easy to figure out the chance of each line, but I vaguely recall there being some places where they do use weights and it's more or less as you would expect (like crafting plates for example has a 90% chance of producing a plate vs a 10% chance of producing a powder, though they refer to that as "probweight").

    I can add percentages next to the weights, but I personally feel that's a bit heavy handed without knowing if it's accurate or not, though it'd be easier for people to verify if they did have the percentages on hand.

  8. Default Re: Familiar Potentials

    You can rank up to unique by fusing familiars together, but Legendary requires the cube things (Red Familiar Card) from the cash shop. I have no clue what the tier rates are like on the cubes.

    You can attempt to rank up a familiar epic or lower by doing the following:
    1. Level it up to 5 (by hunting monsters near your level with the familiar equipped and out)
    2. Getting the required amount of rank-up points by fusing identical familiars (or using a fauxmiliar)

    You need 50 Rank-Up Points to try to rank up Common-> Rare, and there's a 100% chance of succeeding.
    You need 100 Rank-Up Points to try to rank up Rare -> Epic, and there's a 80% chance of succeeding.
    You need 150 Rank-Up Points to try to rank up Epic -> Unique, and there's a 40% chance of succeeding.

    If you fail the rank up, you lose half your rank up points.

    You can get:
    1 Rank-Up Point per Common Familiar
    2 Rank-Up Points per Rare Familiar
    3 Rank-Up Points per Epic Familiar
    4 Rank-Up Points per Unique Familiar
    5 Rank-Up Points per Legendary Familiar
    15 Rank-Up Points per Suspicious Fauxmiliar
    30 Rank-Up Points per Fauxmiliar

    It's probably a bad idea to waste unique and legendary familiars to use as rank-up points. Fauxmiliars are wild cards that you can fuse into any familiar for points (so for familiars you only have one of), Suspicious Fauxmiliars come from the Familiar shop for 5k Familiar Points (once a week), or from the cash shop booster packs. They only mentioned regular (non-Suspicious) Fauxmilars in the original revamp notes as coming from booster packs, but it wasn't listed in the rates for booster packs on the website, and they haven't brought them up again in the new update notes, so I'm guessing they're probably just unobtainable for now.

    In JMS, monsters only seem to drop Common and Rare ranked familiars (if Epic or higher drop, they're insanely rare, I can't find any info regarding people finding them post revamp), I think it's probably the same for us. So, for ranking up to Unique, Common and Rare familiars will probably be what you use for rank up points.

  9. Default Re: Familiar Potentials

    Did I really just see... +4 or +5 all skill levels...?