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    The Black Mage definitely knew about Grandis, considering Magnus was one of his generals and at the end of the Zero storyline they said something about the Maple World and Grandis merging into one world, with Arkarium offering Zero to be the third transcendent of the new world alongside the Black Mage and Darmoor. But apparently that plotline was dropped for the new Black Mage stealing all the Erda plotline.

    Also, I realized something else while talking to someone about how MapleStory's next villains are space Nazis:

    We're Star WarsStory now.

    Darmoor = Palpatine, the man who mastermined a power grab and formed a space Nazi empire upon using his opposition as scapegoats. He was even wearing a cloak in the Flora backstory comics.
    Magnus = Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, the former knight of the good guys who betrayed them for the evil mastermind.
    Old Kaiser = Obi Wan Kenobi, the knight of the good guys who was betrayed, and later killed by a former friend.
    Kyle/Kaiser = Luke Skywalker, the young idealistic new knight who led the charge against the traitor. (If it turns out Magnus is his father, I'm going to lose my pomegranate.)
    Cadena = Leia, this one's a bit of a stretch. But they're both princesses that had their home destroyed by the traitor, they're both fond of rogues (although to a different degree), and they both killed a mob boss with chains.
    Ark = Finn, a former space empire soldier who had moral hangups about what he was fighting for, and ended up deserting the evil empire and finding himself stranded on a desert planet with unusual characters.

    I haven't done Ilium's quests. (And don't plan to. I haven't logged on in over two weeks now and I'd like to keep that streak going.) So I'm not sure if he matches anyone.

    AB doesn't really match any Star Wars character. She's just a parody of magical girl anime.

    Honestly, I'm not sure how much of this is intentional. But given how Star Wars has been influencing other franchises for decades.....

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    7 years later. . .

    Went from a raid boss to a normal high level boss you can kill with 6 party members.

    Shirt Status: To be fulfilled.

    Though I seriously doubt it will ever be fulfilled, the day you eat your shirt to fulfill your promise is the day I eat my shirt as well.

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    A new challenger approaches!

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    If i was Fiel, I would cut a small piece of my shirt and eat it. nobody ever said he had to eat the WHOLE thing

  5. Default Re: I Want it Livestreamed in HD

    My current plan is to get a shirt-shaped cake with logo on it and eat that.

    But ugh, I hate cake. Let me check for ice cream cake.

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    Default Re: I Want it Livestreamed in HD

    There better be shreds of actual shirt in that cake

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    Hey when we finally fight Darmoor, you can do a pie in the shape of your pants.

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    Could always hope for a cake with the faces of Magus and Darmoor and have that as the followup.

    Just make it sweeter by making it chocolate or marble cake. The darkness of one or the bull that we got with the other unresolved plots.

    As a side note; Angelic Buster is somewhat like Jar Jar. Sure I'll catch hate for it. Maybe Episode 1 didn't deserve all the hate it got, given Episode 8 now makes it look like a worthy masterpiece.

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    Angelic Buster is still one of my favorites~

    Also, if people are disappointed with you eating a shirt cake instead of a real shirt.... you can tell them it's representative of the disappointment we felt having to defeat that black mage boss instead of a real feeling final boss.

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    They just released the real endgame boss version of the Black Mage.

    The one you have to beat True Hilla and Dunkel in order to even fight. With KMS just getting the first True Hilla kill.

    Still doesn't wash the bad taste of the ending from our mouths since the non-event version of Tenebris still has all the same narrative problems.....

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    After clearing the Black Mage fight, he turns back to the White Mage for a while and then says that beating him as the Black Mage was part of the plan. Does that count as him being good? What would have happened if the player and the alliance had not been able to defeat the Black Mage?

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    He's still definitely evil. He ruined countless lives, did seemingly irrepairable damage to the world and the monsters in it, and messed with the literal fabric of existance just because he wanted to die and couldn't do it himself. It's pretty super selfish.

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    Two things: First, love the avatar. Shame the class is terrible... I love my beast tamer.

    Second, he is indeed quite evil and misguided maybe?... Isn't it great that our long built up villain who did pretty quality villain things is being replaced by fairly generic space nazis?

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    Default Re: I Want it Livestreamed in HD

    Honestly i feel we could have been really shaken by the Black Mage, he should make a second Big Bang, even thought a new cap is great, even more with new areas, just a new weapon isn't anything close to Big Bang......

    It would be really cool for players to defend citys, specially places like Henesys(Lucid could be attacking it?), Ereve, Edelstein, while Black Mage attacks, smilarly to Kritias, but better.

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    Default Re: I Want it Livestreamed in HD

    Maybe Darmoor will be better when we actually see more of what he's doing? All we've seen so far is Magnus, Illium's story, and what happened during Ark's Tutorial. All of which seem to be mostly him giving assistance and the groups acting independantly. Although as it stands he definitely seems pretty dull.

    Also thank you! I'm really holding out hope that Beast Tamer gets another good 5th job skill with this next batch but I'm not expecting anything too special...

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    Default Re: I Want it Livestreamed in HD

    She needs a lot more than that, but yes one can hope for at least another decent 5th job skill. Looking at you.... bear stance having to stand still and mash key heavily (among the other stances being meh).

    Darmoor and space nazis don't really inspire much confidence... we'll see. Hopes aren't high so maybe they'll surprise us.

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    What can be thought for Darmoor to make him a compelling villain? The problem is the time here. It took over 10 years to make the Black Mage into the boss he is today. Which I would say is probably most of maplestory's life spam. (now I know we've futily predicted the death of maple multiple times but I don't see maplestory surviving another 10 years either). I don't think Nexon has time to make of Darmoor a likable villain and chances are they will fail at it given the most recent experience.
    If I was a Korean it'd be strongly requesting for the directors resign as well. The black/white mage barely had any dialogue in the whole thing, even when you got Orchid and your character speaking junk to his face he is like Brolly, except Brolly could convey a lot more emotion screaming just Kakarot that the Black Mage would with his grumbling.

    As for Beast Tamer. Lvl 212 BT here. My girl chase needs a complete rework. The idea of every animal working as an individual job allowing for multiple ways to customize your BT ended up in complete failure. Cat is basically a buff mule job, Hawk grants lots of mobility, but then everything else sucks, like you would deal basic attack damage with your main skill. Panter has excessive mobility and lacks damage and bear has no mobility at all. Then you have 5th job cores enhancing paw sawp but not its enhancement skill and the fact that having like twice more skills than any other job makes it harder to get nodes that enhance the skills you want.

    They need to drop the multiple jobs within one mechanic and simply take the best of each animal and put it into one streamlined set of skills with 5 advancements as everyone else. Some will say it's boring and unoriginal, but those are the same people that won't touch a BT anyway.

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    I just finished Monad and then YouTubed the ending cutscene because none of the ingame cutscenes work anymore.

    .....Oh joy. Oda Nobunaga, Subani(sp?), and PULSAR are going to get rushed and thrown under the Darmoor train too. It's not just the Black Mage~.

    As for MapleStory potentially not surviving another 10 years..... yeah, no. Less popular regional servers might die (NA unlikely. I mean, if they still bother to keep Mabinogi NA up, running, and well caught up with the Korean version.....), but KMS is going to be around forever.

    -Everquest 1 is still getting expansions. And so is Everquest 2.

    -Ragnarok Online was the first kMMO to make the big time worldwide and was what a lot of us played before it went pay to play then transferred to MapleStory. It is still alive.

    -In fact, the only big name kMMO that I can think of that HAS actually shut down (other than high budget flops like RO2, Sudden Attack 2, etc.) is Grand Chase.

    And KOG basically killed Grand Chase themselves because they didn't want to work on it anymore. Grand Chase was to Brazil what Starcraft was to South Korea. Perhaps even proportionally bigger. It was a huge mistake on their part. Brazil alone could have kept ALL of the versions of GC funded indefinitely.

    -Furthermore, Elsword of all games is STILL alive despite it going through not one, not two, but three massive clusterpineapples (On top of Grand Chase's shutdown making people hate KOG.) that made it look like the game really was going to die. (They had to give out tons of free cash shop items to get people to stop ragequitting, and then come up with new characters that pander to demographics kMMOs usually don't with edgelords and a loli "that's really thousands of years old you guys!") THAT is a kMMO that's doomed to die eventually. MapleStory will never fall to the point Elsword is at right now. Its foundation is way too strong.

    So simply put, MMOs that make it past a certain point basically become immortal. MapleStory is probably the second most played MMORPG worldwide behind WoW. It has obtained its immortality.

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    Default Re: I Want it Livestreamed in HD

    nxkorea did not develop monad, i do not get where you think all the nongms plot/content will be put under darmoor from that one cutscene video

  20. Default Re: I Want it Livestreamed in HD

    I believe they mean that, like the Black Mage, they'll just rush through it and focus on Darmoor. The video is just important because it links like all the non-KMS stuff together.



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