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    I heard one of their updates nerfed and gutted much of the gameplay and was nothing more than a social hub game.

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    I bet many of us that have already left the game were waiting for MS2 to try it out and if it fails to meet what we hoped for put maple finally to rest.

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    Yup, that rings a bell. I wonder if it's still true. I can't imagine they can make much off of it if there's nothing to Win in a Pay 2 Win game.

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    Default Re: Global MapleStory 2

    I think it's doing better in China than in Korea, which is what gave them the confidence to try publishing it in the West.

    Sadly I feel that the juvenile tendencies of players, coupled with Nexon America's reluctance to hire GMs, will result in the game becoming a pretty disgusting place to visit, very quickly.

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    Default Re: Global MapleStory 2

    I'm pumped! This may be what pushes me over the edge to get a new computer :~)

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    Definitely will try this out finally.

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    I'm gonna give it a try. Obviously nothing will come close to FFXIV but should still be fun - for a while, at least.

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    I signed up for this when the announcement hit. I'm excited to give it another shot. It has been a long time since I've delved into the depths of the Maple World.

    I just hope I'm not too busy with college to spend at least a little bit of time with it.

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    Wait, you’re in college now!?!? That were younger than me when we were both active back in the day!?!?!

    Man, this is more funny that the time I guessed Zelkova as being 30 right now.

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    No, I'm about to turn 28. I'm getting a late start in college, but it's better late than never. I'm like a week or two older than Zelkova.

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    Well, I dont feel too bad about going to college late and im younger.

  12. Can of Soup Male
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    Default Re: Global MapleStory 2

    Considering this game has the most life sim features ive seen since mabinogi and maybe FF14... im excited.

    Too many mmos have been grind and gear fests with a flashy combat system and not much else. This will be refreshing.

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    I'm still hyped for it. I've been a console pleb for many months now so it'll be refreshing to play an MMO again.

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    I'm really more of a console player when it comes to this style of game but there is a lot about MS2 that I do like. Does anyone know if there is a database site like how MS1 had Hidden Street or something like that?

  15. Default Re: Global MapleStory 2 ?

  16. Default Re: Global MapleStory 2

    I know what class I will create. Once a mage, always a mage. Because knowledge is power (that's why I'm on the way towards a Permanent Head Damage).


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    Activity on South Perry that isn't a Pikamemnon thread?! What sorcery is this?!

    .....So I have a Nexon Korea account and got to play one of the OBTs of the game.

    They aimed at recreating pre-Big Bang Maple Story in 3D and they succeeded. Can't say what all the revamps did for the game though.

  18. Lead Ball
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    Default Re: Global MapleStory 2

    I'd be willing to try this out if they didn't use the ugly ass nexon launcher :(
    I think the game was pretty good when I tried it out during its release, It's a "victim" of hardcore casualization now though.

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    I was wondering, for those of you that already played the game is the tank ever needed in grinding/raiding or is this like MS1 where all that matters is dps and everyone can just pot spam?
    I like playing tank but if its never used I'll just go for a dps class.



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