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Thread: #Gamergate

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    Not sure who that person is but they are stupid, the Lunar translation was awesome.

    Because the vocal minority of gamers who whine and complain about "MUH CENSORSHIP!" when it is just the normal process of localization are the most self-entitled babies I've ever seen.

    This is the viewpoint that causes so much trouble. Sometimes changes are needed, sometimes changes are asked by the original dev team of the game. Japanese culture games are awesome, like Persona 4, but not every single Japanese game has to be an example of Japanese culture.

    This is just straight up ignorance, I am sorry, but it is. Even if a game is altered and changed doesn't make it trash, it is still a unique experience all on to itself, and you're saying no English speaker should be able to experience something that is enjoyable? That is just pitiful.

    93% of people who currently play Japanese games wouldn't bother to learn Japanese just because localization of Japanese games stops, it wouldn't give a kick in the pants to anyone, just make Japanese games fall into obscurity once again.

    I want to ask, do you realize how you sound in your post? Like seriously, do you? There is a reason I hate localization purists, because they are the SJW of the gamer world. I'm serious, I am not being hyperbolic at all. Just think about what you said in your post about how an entire genre of games should stop being released in North America simply because it doesn't match up to what your viewpoints are of what it should be. That is horrible man.

    Seriously? Did you pay less than $200 for it?

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    You can now equivocate being an SJW with complaining about games being censored because of said SJWs?


    I mean, I'm more on the anti-graphical censorship side but, the majority of translation jobs these days have been subpar, as well. I can only think of a very small handful of games where the original artists and writers actually actively requested certain changes to happen, and the same goes for games where the original artists did the censorship themselves. I don't care as much about translation censorship so much as translation pineappleups, but removing scenes because some trigglypuff doesn't like them is an immediate drop for me and enough others that those games many times get a fan TL done so we don't have to deal with that pomegranate regardless. Money talks, and it shouldn't be telling the NA companies that this pomegranate is OK.

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    A movement that hasn't been relevant in 3 years still continues to haunt the dreams of some people.

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    Maybe if she gets lucky, moon rocks will fall on those evil Gamergaters

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    @KhainiWest; you rike da tiddie, what's your opinion on this censorship habbening with nexon?

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