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    Even considering everything, I am torn about Maple. The game has become quite developed and improved in a lot of impressive ways, its just that for some players there is no getting past certain decisions. Thinking of a civilization such as ancient Egypt, many people are amazed by what they accomplished but then there is still that dark part about the whole enslavement thing. Like it would have been perfect if not for that one thing, I see Maplestory in a similar light. Maybe the pitfalls are a part of Free2Play games in general?

    Differences in reception between KMS and GMS could be attributed to a couple of factors such as much fewer bots. Its even possible that cubes can serve a sort of purpose in the right circumstance. If the audience is ok with them then having a way to almost buy direct power could come in handy. Why grind for hours if there is shortcut? This is a fair consideration.

    I could write a short book about Reboot. Its true that I recognize what I think Nexon was going for but lets just say I have my doubts. (even if Reboot itself is a huge plus) I believe the moral of the story is that ideally, each of the groups of players would cooperate in the same space.

    Mapestory has continued to make great advancements in certain departments but in other ways, I don't believe it is the best that it can be. What sketchy business is Maple going to be forced to imitate next?! I can only imagine.

    One area that I believe Nexon has been consistently stable with is events. There are others that I liked but some of the events that I felt really stood out were the "Back to Old Maple", "Evolving ring" and "The Visitors" events. Back to Old Maple (all of them) could have been bigger but its the thought that counts. The ring events were very good and the awards could be traded, which was pretty godly stuff for any would be merchants. (post BB) The Visitor event involved invaders attacking Maple world and players needed to try and stop them.

    Notice this ad from years ago:

    Kind of awful but Classic Maplestory was so good for what it was, that the game actually makes the advertisement better. Do you hear the Nexon sound at the end? That is a moment of legit Maplestory. Would I say that people took pride in the game? Yes, I think for some you could say that. I would bet that players still do have Maple pride. I believe it is fitting that some of the strongest gear back then had the word "timeless" in their names. Very appropriate indeed.

    Come to think of it, the present state of the game would be incredibly ironic and extremely amusing if this turned out to be the case. (due to the irony) Because in a way it would mean that the SALT is justified, that some players might be right to get upset. Not the road that I would prefer but I don't think the possibility can be ruled out. It would be a development that is truly worthy of the Black Mage. One day the game could reach a point where its only hope for salvation is to be wiped and rebuilt. I can picture it, that is pretty funny in a doomsday type of mind set.

    Well there is also the chance that Maplestory will become the ultimate micro transaction game that can never be killed because people keep feeding it. Would that mean its doing what it is supposed to do and had reached its final form? This is a very subjective question.

    The only prediction about the game I am going to make is that the Black Mage could be good. (or maybe that is how I would like the story to advance)

    Anyway, maybe there could even be a solution where the potential cubes can stay somehow but for the sake of many players, past, present and future, I think it is not too big of a request to at least restore some of the places that got sacrificed on the way to Maple reaching where it is today.

    Whichever path Maplestory winds up taking its fine, I hope it works out in some shape or form.
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