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    (After saying this, gets nothing but personal questions)

    Its alright, dont worry about it but dont get your hopes up for me to answer anything that is too far off topic.

    Would Nexon do Pre bb? Maybe in the right circumstance but a ton of things would need to happen before then. For the rest of your post I would just say, dont sweat the small details. Its only a suggestion, not a real thing yet.

    Ya know, its actually logical thinking to assume people that ask for Pre bb stopped playing after Big bang. I would not fall into that category though. Besides, I wouldnt care when a person quitted the game if they have something interesting to say.

    You might want to recheck your math on how many members of Southperry still play. I mean, someone could make a poll or something but this was one of the first fan forums to get generally mad at Nexons tom foolery. My threads are tame next to some of the people that used to wander around here.

    Dont get the wrong idea, I'm not saying that no one should enjoy Maple if they currently do. I'm just saying that Reboot and regular servers do not mix. Thats just how I see it, I might also be completely wrong. Nexon could be so generous and unconcerned about money that there is nothing to worry about.

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    Default Re: Sorry Reboot but you killed Maplestory

    Reboot makes a ton of money from Premium Surprise Style Boxes.
    And a tidy sum from the "subscription fee" of Pets, their skills, and water of life.
    And if that's not enough, then with this current Re:Zero crossover, they've introduced pay2win cash boxes to Reboot, using the famous goat technique, and hardly anyone kept objecting to the little goat after the big one was removed. You may rest assured that GMS will not go bankrupt over Reboot.

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    Pikamemnon threads in a nutshell: I prefer old MapleStory and so do my friends that I know, therefore MapleStory is completely ruined.

  4. Default Re: Sorry Reboot but you killed Maplestory

    Kindly, why not actually getting back to the game before doing another of these?
    Your thoughts haunt you way too much for not having an up to date experience.

  5. Default Re: Sorry Reboot but you killed Maplestory

    Are you insinuating that any of the multiple suggestions I made in this thread, use out of date information? If so then that would be a serious accusation and if that were the case then how about quoting whichever comment seems inaccurate? I'm willing to double check stuff when its needed.

    As a matter of fact, one of the time periods in Maplestory that I prefer the best of all is the part right after Big bang. (which is not recognized as either new or old Maple but that is a matter of opinion)
    When the game got PvP put in but before they tried to add Capture the flag. I'd say that time frame was the highlight of the game for many reasons and it was one of the few times that players and Nexon seemed to be on the same page. Massive revamps all around, and plenty of new things going on at once. Even if the big update was not perfect it was super ambitious. I would go so far as to say that Big bang was awesome in the very beginning.

    How I see it, what started "ruining" the game (at least for GMS) was something small and it was gradual. In the process of trial and error, taking in feedback and making adjustments is a very important part of it but this was only done in half baked ways or ignored for years for the most part. Could potential or Nebulites have been revamped to better suit the audience? I don't see why not but were the GMS players asked about it? Not that I know of. That is just one example of how chances to cater to the players were missed and instead the game was made to keep plowing forward no matter what any players said.

    For a while there was something called the Maple leaf council. Which was a group of players that were brought together to help facilitate communication between the community and Nexon. Apparently the entire party was steam rolled into oblivion. I forget the official reason why the group was disbanded but it seemed like a good idea.

    I will admit that having GMS only copy + paste from KMS is not the worst option (since some players don't have major issues with that and I would say there is nothing "specifically" wrong with modern Maplestory) but it is also a wasted chance to customize the game to fit each player base. Although small traces of feedback being utilized do pop up, on occasion.

    So anyway after Maple plows ahead in one direction for a few years, it eventually reaches a crossroads with Reboot. I think this is a choice that could have been avoided but time will tell if it turns out good or if it turns out some other way.
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